Monday, August 22, 2016

Turn It Up Tuesday #153

You might notice that I didn't choose any favorites this week. It's not that I didn't like any of the posts - as usual there were too many great ones to make it an easy choice - it's that I was out of town this past weekend. Where was I, you ask? Why, I was in Fort Lauderdale, GRADUATING! That's right, my educational journey has ended and I am now a physician assistant. The next step is to take the boards in 10 days. Well, truly the next step is to get a pedicure and play some tennis, but then I'll take the boards and eventually get a job. All things in good time, right? What have you been up to this week? I love to see what you'll share. 

Summer Almost Over

Monday, August 15, 2016

Turn It Up Tuesday #152

The school year is off to a good start, even though our oldest switched schools unexpectedly at the last minute. His flexibility and friendly personality amaze me. Nothing gets him down for long. This morning we brought in a large delivery of additional supplies for the class - extra paper, pens, pencils, crayons, etc. I remember I always wanted a Trapper Keeper at the beginning of the year. What was your favorite new purchase at the beginning of the year?
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Monday, August 8, 2016

Turn It Up Tuesday #151

We went to elementary school open house tonight. Yes, Open House. As in, school starts in two days open house. Yes, summer is officially over here in SWFL. I'm not actually ready for summer to be over yet, but I know the boys will have a great time in school. So, since I'm still thinking it's summer, I haven't done anything for back to school yet. Hopefully I'll be able to get some great ideas on our link up. 

Speaking of great ideas, we're sharing favorites from the past two weeks this week. And, we'll be selecting 4 posts for Best of the Best! So this is definitely a special week!

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Turn It Up Tuesday #150

Welcome to another great week at Turn It Up Tuesday! Thank you so much for joining in the fun! And if you're new here...welcome! Feel free to share, share, share!
This week we'll be having an abbreviated version of our party, as
Natasha is out celebrating her son's 5th birthday!!!!
We'll still be linking up but the Features and Best of the Best will be shared in next week's post!
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Monday, July 25, 2016

Turn It Up Tuesday #149

I've started my last rotation - interventional cardiology. It's amazing to see how quickly the doctor, whose super talented by the way, can insert a stent and open a patient's coronary artery. Yes, I miss open-heart surgery, but I'm sure I'll learn a great deal in the next three weeks. 


On that note, I promised myself (and you) that I would start posting more. And, I did! Just a quick recipe for blueberry-watermelon daiquiris, and I took the photos with my phone, but it's a start. I hope you check it out and try them for your own homemade happy hour. 

Now, what have you been working on this week? 
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Blueberry Watermelon Daiquiris


A friend lives next door to a blueberry farmer. He started the farm a few years ago, and I got really spoiled having access to fresh, huge, sweet blueberries for $5 a pound. After two years of home delivery, the farm was getting more successful and the price went up to $6 a pound - still a great deal. But then, last year, I didn't get a text when the berries were ready. By the time I tracked them down at the local hairdressing spot (the farmer and store owner are dating), they were all gone. This year was the same, I didn't even see the sign advertising them.

That's a problem.

You see, my family has become addicted to those huge, juicy blue bombs of flavor.

Sweet, sweet blue bombs of flavor.

Not available again this year.

Boo hoo.

Of course I'm happy for the farmer and his success. Of course I am happy his farm and business have grown. But, I'm sad too. I want my berries!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Turn It Up Tuesday #148

I graduate from PA school in one month! August 19, 2016 I will no longer be a student. It's been a long, stressful and rewarding experience. I've learned a great deal and am ready to launch my new career in healthcare. I'm looking forward to graduating, but I know it comes with great responsibility. No longer will I be able to defer patient questions with "I'm just a student." I'll have to know the answers, or at least know where to look them up. It's an awesome responsibility, but I'm ready. Another great benefit, I no longer will be so swamped that I ignore posting my many ideas and recipes on this blog. I know I've put my ideas in the background for a long time. But, I promise to start posting again.  I have a lot of ideas piling up and am ready to share. In the meantime, what did you work on this week?

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